How to play the game

These are preliminary notes for the gameplay, the the specific way in which players interact with the game.

Among the many different types of gameplays, the one that Co-Evolving with You is the closest to is what gamers call a “cooperative gameplay.”

The price of admission

Sign up and post status update on the activity page to say hello to your fellow players.

When you’ve completed both of the required challenges, go to the Task Submissions page and click on the appropriate “Submit Tasks” button. Come back to box office anytime if you encounter any difficulty.

Start your co-evolving journey through the 8 stages

After admission, start your journey at any of the 8 stages of the Co-evolving Wheel. Choose wisely. The Dramaturg recommends you to glance through all 8 and engage with the one, the challenges of which are the most intriguing for you.

Make sure that you include early in your trip around the Wheel a review of what’s playing on the East, the Vision Holder stage.

Props and Badges

On each stage, you will find some props. Typically they are clickable maps, buttons, and hypelinks giving you access to resources that help you meet the challenges of a given stage.

Once you meet the 2nd challenge on any stage, you win the badge of that stage. So, you will become one of these:

    • Vision Holder
    • Presence Artist
    • Social Process Architect
    • Pathfinder
    • Edge Publisher
    • Evolutionary Learning Partner
    • Collective Intelligence Booster
    • Experience Designer

The more badges you have, the farther you’re co-volving with the game and the other players. If and when you earn all badges, you join the rank of Dramaturgs and a whole new dimension of the gameplay starts.

It’s an infinite game

This is a game without loosers, and it is infinite. One of the reason it’s called The Co-Evolving Game is beause the longer you play it, the more you will experience it co-evolving with YOU.


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