South Stage

spa_badgePatterning pivotal social innovation at any scale

Successful social innovations, in organizations, communities and large to large social institutions and ecosystems, are born in marriage of deliberative design and self-organizing emergence. The art of Social Process Architecting is in balancing those two creative forces, as we strive to replace dysfunctional systems, products, and processes. We call that type of innovation “pivotal” because they are pivotal to the wellbeing of all touched by them.

Your first challenge is to describe briefly a social or organizational innovation project that you are or want to be involved in the next 6 months, including what warms your heart about t.

The second challenge is to map similar innovation projects and at least three new ideas that they bring to yours.

What: Sample Action Domains How: Some Approaches
Business Model Innovation


Cultural & Knowledge Commons


Value-Creation with Communities of Practice

Complex Adaptive Social Systems

Learning Cites & City Networks

Media Innovation Strategy

Organizational Regeneration

Regional Innovation Ecosystems

World-Service Projects

Appreciative Inquiry


Art of Hosting


Chaordic Stepping Stones

Circle Practice

Community Technology Stewardship

Emergent Platform

Generative Action Research (page 64)

Innovation Architecture

Integral Theory

Performative Scripting

Spiral Dynamics

U Process

World Café


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