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A meta-story in 6 tweets

A Twitter-friend of mine, @openworld, has developed an elegant pattern capable to capture meta-stories regardless the scale of the entities involved. He calls it “narrative fractals” and explains it here: He tweeted some of us, asking, what’s your meta-story in 6 … Continue reading

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Where the stories of the new narrative are born…

“Air travel has given entire populations unprecedented mobility. The intermodal container has delivered a cornucopia of products to every corner of the globe. And cyberspace has become a promiscuous, meme-spreading hotbed of ideas. Throw in the usual round of human … Continue reading

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In search of the meta-narrative

In 2006, You were Time magazine’s Person of the Year. In 2010, You became a candidate for Humanity’s Next God, courtesy of emergent by design, inspired by The Economist. Not a bad promotion in mere 4 years… 🙂 I started this blog as a … Continue reading

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Where to look for the signs worth monitoring to discover the next Great Story?

I’ve asked earlier: What signs do we need to monitor if we are to find/discover/co-create the key patterns of a narrative fractal for the collective wisdom and will that humankind needs to succeed with the transition to the new era? Let … Continue reading

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