What separates us from the tipping point

Venessa Miemis wrote, “We impact each other more and more every day, and our commonalities become apparent just as quickly as our differences. We must be nearing a tipping point.”

Yes, and something still separates us from it, and that’s the movements of emergence awakening to their collective consciousness.

Individual mental models, inspirations, and collections of knowledge contributing to the creation of a better world, are abundant and multiplying, as we speak. What is missing is our collective sensing organs and processes for meaning making, growing a collective intelligence at increasing scale, and deepening our collective wisdom.

I know, it may be easier said than done. But once we truly understand the need for collective sensing organs and processes, nothing can prevent us from presencing (co-discovering/co-creating) them.

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2 Responses to What separates us from the tipping point

  1. Venessa Miemis says:

    can you describe what a “collective sensing organ and process” would look like? i’m not sure i understand what that means.

    • George Pór says:

      Thanks Venessa for asking. I’ve just realized that the “collective sensing organ and process” is one of the essential memes capturing capability development paths in social holons, yet I hardly ever unpacked it. I’ll have to do it in the next couple of days for a paper that I’m writing but don’t want to make you wait till that will be done.

      Two very different revolutionaries of the past century, Lenin and Gandhi, both emphasized that one cannot build a social movement without a newspaper that acts as a mirror and a catalyst to its collective consciousness. Today, I guess they would order or inspire (according to their temperament) the building of a socio-semantic web platform. All of that are examples of collective sensing and meaning making organs.

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