Where the stories of the new narrative are born…

“Air travel has given entire populations unprecedented mobility. The intermodal container has delivered a cornucopia of products to every corner of the globe. And cyberspace has become a promiscuous, meme-spreading hotbed of ideas. Throw in the usual round of human misery served up by war, revolution and natural disasters, and the result is a potent cultural Petri dish from which a new god could spring.” — New era, new god, says Paul Saffo, The Economist, Nov 22, 2010

Paul Saffos’ astute observation points to a confluence of three streams (moving people, goods, ideas) and their  potency to create viral conditions for large-scale social, political,  and spiritual innovation.

There are also numerous other signs of paradigm shifts in-progress. Some of them are more significant than others, in terms of their potential impact on the emergence of a new epic narrative. Besides the three that Saffo wrote about,  the top three that  I see are:

1. The emergence of a unity consciousness reclaiming sovereignty over what belongs to all of us: air, land, rivers, public spaces, shard knowledge and collective intelligence. That’s what is becoming more visible in the commons movement that Leo Burke wrote about:

“Without exception, all human and institutional structures are based on presumptions about reality.  This tends to be uninspected but is critically important.  The Copernican Revolution was not only a shift from a geocentric to heliocentric view of the solar system.  It affected the basis of governance structures in Europe including the Church and the monarchy.  In the present day the insights of quantum mechanics are slowly seeping into the Western worldview and accord with what mystics, East and West, have said for centuries—the universe is an inherent unity.”  —  The Growing Voice of the Global Commons

2. The emergence of an evolutionary worldview that I reported here.

3. The global spread of such social technologies for facilitating transformation and  collective intelligence and wisdom, as Presencing, Appreciative Inquiry, Holacracy, Spiral Dynamics, Art of Hosting, World Café, Open Space Technology, and many more inventoried in the Change Handbook.

The communities of practitioners of those arts, around the world, and the other two trends seem to be promising destinations for any “deep dive” sensing the places and spaces that birth the new narrative.

Of course, the 3+3 list presented in this blog is far from being complete. It’s waiting for you to comment on and update it.

Even a much more complete list of “new narrative” birthplaces wouldn’t come alive and help us sense what is really being birthed, without the storytellers, the mythsingers, the storyweavers, and the cartographers of collective dreams, stepping forward and engaging with the once in a life time opportunity to chronicle the epic moment when, in the words of a modern-day bard, “the old world is dying and the new is yet to come”. Listen to The Cape in the vid that follows, a poignant ballad sung by Chris Corrigan.

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