In search of the meta-narrative

In 2006, You were Time magazine’s Person of the Year. In 2010, You became a candidate for Humanity’s Next God, courtesy of emergent by design, inspired by The Economist. Not a bad promotion in mere 4 years… 🙂

I started this blog as a way to dedicate a public space to the public You becoming all that it can be. Why not “humanity’s next god,” if what we mean by that is not an almighty, externalized version of our own creativity but the next great story that can inspire and guide our collective imagination and will for the journey ahead of us.

Venessa Miemis asked, If a new zeitgeist were to capture the minds of billions, what might it look like? That question begets two other ones:

What could be the meta-narrative for an Emerging Planetary Reality

that would deliver truly sustainable

social, economic and spiritual development?

(Such development would also assure that people everywhere “can have food, shelter, health care, and a basic sustaining human standard of existence… determined at the local village level and then communicated at the regional, national, and global level simultaneously at virtually no cost via the Internet… ” — from people-centered economic development)

What signs do we need to monitor if we are

to find/discover/co-create the key patterns of a narrative fractal

for the collective wisdom and will that humankind needs

to succeed with the transition to the new era?

No, those are not rhetoric questions! They come from my deepest motivation to offer this blog to You.  May it accompany us on our learning journey into co-presencing a future worth living and working for together.

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