Where to look for the signs worth monitoring to discover the next Great Story?

I’ve asked earlier:

What signs do we need to monitor if we are

to find/discover/co-create the key patterns of a narrative fractal

for the collective wisdom and will that humankind needs

to succeed with the transition to the new era?

Let me unpack that question, starting from its end:

Millions of women, men, and youth, around the world are investing their talents and passion into weaving the fabric of transformation to a sustainable world, through their everyday actions and engagement in projects that make a difference.

Yet, without a global-scale of collective intelligence, wisdom, capacities and a meta-narrative of patterns that connect, it is unlikely that we’ll make it to the other shore of the turbulent waters of our species existence.

What can be a meta-story big enough to cover and support the epic transformation that we are going through?

Where to look for the signs worth monitoring to discover that meta-story?

I will post the ideas/images as they emerge from holding that question.

Would you do the same?

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