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Three keys to our response-ability to the crisis of our civilization

This is a blog entry originally posted on Evolutionary Nexus, May 23, 2008 CNN, BBC, and zillions bloggers and citizen-journalists around the world bring into our living room the fullness of the human drama of disaster, hunger, violence, and pain, … Continue reading

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A meta-story in 6 tweets

A Twitter-friend of mine, @openworld, has developed an elegant pattern capable to capture meta-stories regardless the scale of the entities involved. He calls it “narrative fractals” and explains it here: He tweeted some of us, asking, what’s your meta-story in 6 … Continue reading

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Where the stories of the new narrative are born…

“Air travel has given entire populations unprecedented mobility. The intermodal container has delivered a cornucopia of products to every corner of the globe. And cyberspace has become a promiscuous, meme-spreading hotbed of ideas. Throw in the usual round of human … Continue reading

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What separates us from the tipping point

Venessa Miemis wrote, “We impact each other more and more every day, and our commonalities become apparent just as quickly as our differences. We must be nearing a tipping point.” Yes, and something still separates us from it, and that’s … Continue reading

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In search of the meta-narrative

In 2006, You were Time magazine’s Person of the Year. In 2010, You became a candidate for Humanity’s Next God, courtesy of emergent by design, inspired by The Economist. Not a bad promotion in mere 4 years… 🙂 I started this blog as a … Continue reading

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Where to look for the signs worth monitoring to discover the next Great Story?

I’ve asked earlier: What signs do we need to monitor if we are to find/discover/co-create the key patterns of a narrative fractal for the collective wisdom and will that humankind needs to succeed with the transition to the new era? Let … Continue reading

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