Welcome to the Co-Evolving with You game!

This is an infinite game played around a Wheel of Lifeplays:

the Co-Evolving with You game
In the same vein as Goethe’s famous saying “every object well-contemplated creates a new organ within us”, one can say that every human life and the life of every human community well-contemplated create a new organ within the body of humankind awakening to consciousness.

This website is going to be built on the lifework and current “life plays” of George Pór and intended to make it more available to more people. “Co-Evolving with You” has been one of George’s favorite email signatures, both a summary of his journey so far, and an invitation to continue it with the addressee.

The Co-evolving with You Game is an extension of that invitation. When it will be out of the beta version and more fully developed, you will find here, an 8-stage theater complex coupled with “memory palace,” where you can roam the floors, browse, discover nuggets, resonant reflections, and inspiring stories.

You will have the possibility to share your reflections, co-create with other players, and jump in the game in one or more of the 8 Stages symbolized by the 8 circles

Diving into the content of “Co-Evolving with You,” may you find nourishment and inspiration for evolving to your next level of consciousness, creativity, and competence!

Curious, you wanna play? Find out how to.


2 Responses to Welcome to the Co-Evolving with You game!

  1. Polly says:

    Fantastic! I’d love to engage more with this!

  2. George Pór says:

    Thank you Polly for your appreciation of this game concept even in its half-baked stage.
    What made you interested in it?
    What do you like about it?
    How would you like to engage with the project?

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